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What are the differences between IB and RAW?

What are the differences between IB and RAW?

You may have read that in the times of kings, there used to be detective detectives who used to give the information of a state to other kings of the state. Similar detainees are still present in every country of the world, but now a country has also created many intelligence agencies. US intelligence agencies include the FBI (operations inside the country) and the CIA (Operation outside the country), KGB in Russia, ISI in Pakistan and Mosad in Israel.

In India, IB, RAW, NIA and CBI are key intelligence agencies. In this article we are explaining the major differences between IB and RAW.

About Intelligence Bureau

Intelligence Bureau (IB) was established during the British colonial rule. The failed soldiers rebellion of 1857 had forced the English government to form an intelligence organization so that the British could monitor the activities of Indian rebels and kings in different parts of India.

Intelligence Bureau was established on December 23, 1887 in London as “Central Special Branch” by the Foreign Secretary of India. In the year 1920, it was renamed ‘Intelligence Bureau’.

Intelligence Bureau (IB), is considered the oldest intelligence organization in the world. The main task of the Intelligence Bureau is to ensure the internal security of India. This agency closely monitors those elements which are engaged in the task of breaking the country.

Simply put, there is no definite diary for the intelligence of the intelligence bureau. But it mainly works for counter intelligence, counter terrorism, VIP security, control of anti-national activities, intelligence gathering in border areas and maintenance of infrastructure.

Intelligence Bureau also shares information with security agencies in the US, UK, Russia and Israel. Intelligence Bureau, technically reports to the Home Ministry.

About Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

By the year 1968, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) was responsible for the internal and external intelligence operations of India, but when India’s intelligence agency failed in the war of 1962 and 1965, the government, in 1968, created separate ‘Raw’ for external intelligence operations. The name was created as an intelligence agency. RAW monitors the activities of the neighboring countries of India, but its main focus is on the activities of Pakistan and China. RAW provides intelligence to India’s policy makers and the army.

RAW played an important role in the formation of Bangladesh. According to sources, Raw had trained Pakistan’s Liberation Bahini army fighting for independence from Pakistan.

The main points between the Intelligence Bureau and the RAW are as follows;

1. Intelligence Bureau, India’s internal intelligence agency. It operates within its operation country whereas Raw; India’s research and analysis is Wing and India’s external intelligence agency.

2. Intelligence Bureau, mainly acts in counter intelligence, counter terrorism, VIP security, control of anti-country activities, intelligence gathering in border areas and maintenance of infrastructure. While the main work of the RAW is to keep an eye on the activities of the neighboring countries of India (which country is compromising what country, etc.) Raw organizes secret operations through these secret agents in these countries.

3. Intelligence Bureau; Shares intelligence with other Indian intelligence agencies and police. The intelligence bureau has the power to tap the phone without any permission for collecting intelligence. While RAW seeks information on bribery, beating, spying, psychological tests, intelligence birds flying on the border, appointing agents, etc. to collect intelligence.

(The Pigeon Doubter sent by Pakistan to the border of India)

spy pigeon pak

4. Intelligence Bureau was set up to monitor the activities of Indian freedom fighters and the kings, while Raw was established to monitor the countries involved in anti-India activities.

5. The Intelligence Bureau serves the Indian Police Service, Legal Enforcement Agencies and Army personnel. Initially RAW was dependent on the services of trained intelligence officers but later people of the army, police and other services were also involved. Now Raw has its own service cadre called Research and Analysis Service (RAS).

6. The Intelligence Bureau was established in 1887. Which is considered the world’s oldest intelligence agency. It is under the rule of the Home Ministry. RAW, on the other hand, started its work in 1968 and it was placed directly under the Prime Minister’s Office of India.

From the above points, it can be concluded that the basic purpose behind the establishment of Intelligence Bureau and Raw is to protect India from internal and external enemies of India.

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