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Best JEE Main Books 2024 Top Preparation Material for Mathematics/Physics

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Best JEE Main Books 2024

JEE-Main is India’s most popular and toughest Entrance Exam in Engineering and Architecture .The competitiveness of this exam is really high which enables the conducting board to set the hardest possible paper for the competitors. So to crack the exam students must get Best JEE Main Books 2024. The importance of the choice of right JEE Main Books for preparation is something that cannot be emphasized enough.


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Top Preparation Material for Mathematics/Physics will help you to clear your concepts and cover the important problems that are asked in examinations like the IITs. It is important to understand to stick to one book only while preparing for the exam. Try to prepare from one book and look at other books only when you need help on a specific topic. You should select those JEE Main Books which you are comfortable with and which are in easy to understand format.

JEE Main Top Preparation Material

It is very important for students to study from NCERT Books first. NCERT will help you to cover the basics and the reference books will help you with their applications. Go for other reference JEE Main Books when you have grasped every topic and have in NCERT Books. Also you must go through Class 11 and 12 NCERT Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics books which are very essential for starting your JEE Preparation.

Students believe by going through various study materials, JEE Main Books, coaching class notes will help them to score high, which is completely unreasonable. This will only confuse and frustrate you. Students should go through the below listed Best JEE Main Books 2024 suggested for subject-wise JEE Main Preparation.


JEE Main Books

Best books to prepare for JEE Main 2024 Mathematics:

Students must select only those JEE Main books for mathematics that has a nice collection of problems of good quality. So it is a wise thing to do to study all chapters with equal attentiveness. The more questions you solve, the better your speed of solving questions will become — which is one of the biggest factors that will determine your JEE Main rank.

Sr.NoTopicBuy Online
 1Algebra (Arihant)Buy Now
 2Differential Calculus (Arihant)Buy Now
 3Integral Calculus (Arihant)Buy Now
 4Vector and 3 D Geometry (Arihant)Buy Now
 5Higher Algebra (Barnard and Children)Buy Now
 6Mathematical Analysis (G.N Berman)Buy Now
 7Calculus of one variable (I.A. Maron)Buy Now
 8Elementary Maths (Patapov Doro Feev)Buy Now
 9Vector (Shanti Narayan)Buy Now
 10Probability & its application (W. Feller)Buy Now
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Best JEE Main Books 2024 for Physics:

Many students find Physics to be difficult. It’s mainly because, in Physics, both the theory and numerical require much effort to understand and get comfortable with. This book will help you strengthen your concepts and include good quality questions. Below is a list of some good books for JEE Main which will help you prepare better for the JEE Main Physics.

1Collection of QuestionL.A. Sena
2Advance PhysicsNelkon and Parker
3Feynman LecturesR.P. Feynman
4Physics Volume (I&II)Tipler
5Problem in PhysicsV.Zubov and V. Shalnov
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JEE Main Books for Chemistry:

Studying NCERT chemistry books for JEE Main is very important. You should not skip doing this at any cost! In fact, the answers to most of the questions on inorganic chemistry asked in the JEE Main can be directly found in the NCERT inorganic chemistry book. These Books have a good balance of theory, objective questions, and subjective questions and are recommended by many top rankers.

1General PhysicsEbbing
2IIT JEE PhysicsO.P.Aggarwal
3Physical ChemistryP.W.Atkins
4Concept of Organic ChemistryM.S. Chauhan
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Preparation Tips For JEE Mains:

  • Start with the subject you are most comfortable with and go with that order. For example, if you are comfortable with Math’s, then Physics and then Chemistry then solve the paper in that order.
  • Plan a well-timed schedule to incorporate your school studies and JEE preparation. Prepare topic-wise notes for concepts and formulae for quick recap.
  • Thoroughly read NCERT of the chapters you have selected. Underline all the important points while you read the chapters. This will help you a lot when you’ll revise.
  • Solve lots of previous years and sample papers. Try study materials of Allen or Resonance. Try to complete those in 3 hours with discussed strategy.
  • Don’t get distracted, Stick to your goal and Work hard. Be mentally prepared and get rid of frustration, anger, distractions, sometimes lack of support, inferiority complex.

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It is very important to follow a standard set of Best JEE Mains Books 2024 that have already been proven to help many students. There are many Best JEE Main Books 2024 that can guarantee you a good rank in the exam.

Each book in the market has its own pros and cons. It totally depends on you that how you understand them and studies the concept deeply. If you have any query about above given details you can comment us in the below given comment box. For more information and updates stay tuned with us on this page of

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