You are currently viewing 01th Nov. Current Affairs 2023 in English PDF- Read Daily Current Affairs

01th Nov. Current Affairs 2023 in English PDF- Read Daily Current Affairs

Q. What place is India received in the recently released Ease Doing Business Report?
A) 75
B) 76
C) 77
D) 78


Q. Recently, the Agni-1 ballistic missile’ night Edition has been successfully tested and its firepower is
A) 600 kilometers
B) 700 KM
C) 800 Km
D) 900 kilometers


Q. A recent warning transmission system has been set up at a cost of Rs 82 crores for the predictions of natural disasters in which state?
A) Orissa
B) Manipur
C) Meghalaya
D) Mizoram


Q. Justice AS Bopanna was appointed as the new Chief Justice of which High Court
A) Lucknow High Court
B) Allahabad High Court
C) Rajasthan High Court
D) Guwahati High Court


Q. Recently on which day the National Integration Day has been celebrated
A) October 28
B) October 29
C) 30th October
D) October 31


Q. On October 31, Prime Minister Modi unveiled the world’s largest statue Statue of Unity in which state it is located
A) Gujarat
B) Haryana
C) Punjab
D) Rajasthan


Q. Sangai Utsav 2023 is being organized in which state
A) Haryana
B) Kerala
C) Manipur
D) Gujarat


Q. Who has been awarded the Glitmain Award 2023 by Howard University?
A) Malala Yousafzai
B) Anupam Kher
C) Divyanashu Shrivastav
D) None of these


Q. According to the recently published report, how many species of tigers available on earth are currently available
A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8


Q. In connection with recent reports, who is concerned with the MarPOL standard
A) Marine pollution
B) Mental illness
C) Nuclear Test
D) American hurricane


Q. The Supreme Court has banned the number of _______years old petrol and _________ year old diesel vehicles in the National Capital Region, respectively.
A) 15 years and 10 years
B) 20 years and 25 years
C) 6 years and 8 years
D) None of these


Today Quiz

Q. With which country has signed a deal of 777 million dollars for supply of ships and missile defense systems in India
A) Israel
B) France
C) Germany
D) America

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