17 JULY 2023 Current Affairs

17 JULY 2023 Current Affair 

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Q. Which state has launched a campaign called I’m Not Afraid of English?
A) Rajasthan
B) Gujarat
C) Haryana
D) Karnataka


Q Recently, the mobile app called i-Mandi (iMandi) has been started by
A) Ministry of Agriculture
C) Food Department
D) None of these


Q: By defeating which Indian player in the recently concluded Thailand Open 2023, Japan’s Nojomi Okuhara has won the title.
A) Saina Nehwal
B) Interest Farooq
C) PV Indus
D) None of these


Q Who has honored this year’s Kal Nidhi Award?
A) Aruna Sai Ram
B) Vijay Goel
C) RD Rangaswamy
D) None of these


Q Recently, India successfully tested SuperSonic cruise missile BrahMos, which is true in relation to
A) This is the world’s fastest anti-ship missile
B) It was manufactured by DRDO and Russia
C) Its firepower is up to 290 kilometers
D) A & B & C All three are correct


Q Recently, which state has introduced the world’s cheapest drinking water project, Sulabh Jal
A) Uttarakhand
B) Maharashtra
C) Manipur
D) Bihar


Q The governor of Haryana has been given additional charge of which state?
A) Uttar Pradesh
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Bihar
D) Himachal Pradesh


Q Recently, the President has been nominated 4 new members in the Rajya Sabha, in which context is true
A) They have been appointed under Article 80
B) which includes Ram Gross, Ramesh Sinha, Raghunath Mohakhat, Sonal Mansingh
C) It is chosen on the advice of the Prime Minister
D) All three are correct


Q. Recently, M.N. Vyas Rao has passed away, to which area it belongs
A) painters
B) Literature
C) Poetry
D) None of these


Q: 36th Golden Glove Tournament of the recently concluded Serbian Youth Boxing, India has been in the top spot, which is how many medals won
A) 12
B) 15
C) 17
D) 19


Q How many medals won in the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships held in Brazil on 16 July
A) 6
B) 7
C) 8
D) 9


Today Quiz-
Q Recently related to which state Chinchoti waterfall is in news
A) Maharashtra (Maharashtra)
B) Jammu Kashmir (J & K)
C) Gujrat
D) Manipur


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