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Q. Recently scientists have discovered a new era in the history of Earth, in which case which statement is true
1) The name of this age is mentioned in the Meghalaya era
2) iUGS has also accepted this new age

3) According to scientists, this era began 4200 years ago
4) The present is named Holocene Era
5) All right is right

ANS-appropriate fours are correct

The Ministry of Climate Change has launched a system called SAFAR, which is related to
A) Air quality check
B) Weather forecast
C) Both A & B
D) Online payment


Q. Which statements are true in relation to the recently released Public Affairs Index 2023
A) According to this, Kerala is the most administered state
B) Bihar is the worst-administered state
C) This report was issued by Public Affairs Center
D) All of the above are correct


Q. Who became the fastest player to score runs in International ODI cricket
A) Shoaib Akhtar
B) Virat Kohli
C) Suresh Raina
D) Firm space


Q has recently released the new Mascot for the Tokyo Olympics 2023, which is named
A) Mirayitova
B) Tonkarai
C) Ulux
D) None of these


Q Recently, in the Asian Junior Badminton Championships 2023, India has won the gold medal, in which context, which is true
A) This championship is being organized in Jakarta
B) Recently, Sen win gold medal in singles category
C) Be the first Indian to win the final of the Contest
D) All right is right


Q Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the emergency ambulance service operated in India with the help of India.
A) Nepal
B) Afghanistan
C) Sri Lanka
D) Bhutan


Q Which program has been launched by the government to give information about the law and the functioning of the police?
A) Police Cadet 2023
B) Student Police Cadet (SPC)
C) Student Law Program
D) None of these


Q Will the Girija scheme relate to which country?
A) India
B) Rwanda
C) Uganda
D) South Africa


Q Recently, the process of setting up 10 indigenous nuclear power reactors in the country has been started, each of which will be the production capacity of each.
A) 500 Mega Watt
B) 600 MW
C) 700 Mega Watt
D) 800MW


Today Quiz-
Q. In recent news, the Dyna Harassment (Protection) Bill 2015 belongs to which state
A) Assam
B) Manipur
C) Bihar
D) Jammu Kashmir


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