28 april 2023 top current affairs Mcq’s

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1. In what country did India agree to send the most sacred Buddhist relics from Saranath to a public exhibition on the occasion of the Vesak Festival, to which of the following?
(a) pakisthan
(b) shri lanka
(c) Tibet
(d) Myanmar

2. In order to control the unauthorized trade, the Indo-Nepal Intergovernmental Panel (IGC) started the meeting on trade, transit and cooperation in _
(a) Kathmandu
(b) New Delhi
(c) goa
(d) jaipur

3. Name the organization that has been awarded National Intellectual Property (IP) Award 2023 in the category “Top Research and Development Institute / Organization for Commercialization and Commercialization.”
(a) HEL
(b) BHEL
(c) HAL
(d) CSIR

4.  Name the senior lawyer who took oath as the judge of the Supreme Court and became the first woman lawyer to be appointed directly as a judge of the Supreme Court.
(a) Meena kumari
(b) Kirti Singh
(c) mitali devi
d) indu malhotra

Name the person who sworn in as US new Secretary of State.
(a) padrik
(b) redro wansui
(c) Chuck jhonsan
(d) Mike Pompeo

6. According to the TRA Brand Trust Report 2023, what is the most trusted internet brand in India?
(a) gio
(b) Amazon
(c) Microsoft
(d) Google

7. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, inaugurated the forest fund scheme of tribal affairs and TRIFED ministry on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti in _______.
(a) Kerala
(b) Chhattisgarh
(c) Gujrat
(d) Rajasthan

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed ____________ of Switzerland as his new special envoy to Myanmar.
(a) Kat Graham
(b) Miraca Federer
(c) Michelle Hanzikar
(d) Kristin Schreiber Bergenner

9. Name the person who recently resigned from the post of Indigo president and full time director.
(a) Aditya Ghosh
(b) amit mishra
(c) vijya tyagi
(d) nikhil rawat

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