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30 April 2023 Top Current Affairs In English Pdf

For which of these years can India’s economy reach $ 5 trillion?
A) 2023
B) 2023
C) 2025
D) 2030

2. How many of the top ten companies have a market capitalization of Rs 69,917 crore?
A) Eight
B) Seven
C) five

3. Nikhat Zarine won gold medal for India in which game?
A) Tennis
B) Boxing
C) Shooting
D) None of these

Question 4. How recent percentage of James and Jewelery exports dropped?
A) 6
B) 7
C) 8
D) 9

Sumit Sangwan won which medal in Belgrade International Boxing?
A) Gold medal
B) Silver Medal
C) Bronze medal
D) None of these

. Which medal has won the Belgaord International Boxing Championship in Himanshu Sharma?
A) Gold medal
B) Silver Medal
C) Bronze medal
D) None of these


India wins South Asian U-12 Tennis Championships

-India beat Nepal in the final to win the South Asian Under-12 qualifying tennis tournament.
-Indian women and men’s team defeated their Nepalese opponents in the final by 2-0.
-Now both the Indian team will be playing the I.T.F. played in Kazakhstan at the end of this year. Asian 12 and Under-Team will participate in the championship.

First time artificial exercises on bio-disasters\

-National Disaster Response Authority organized its first artificial exercise on biological disasters.
-The purpose of this exercise was to increase the preparedness of the airport emergency handler to respond to the emergency situation of CBRN on the airport.
-N.D.R.F. Jointly with N.D.M.A. This year also has its first full-time Biological Management Emergency Exercise. —-This practice was based on the scenario of the suspected Ebola outbreak.

India’s longest serving chief minister

Pawan Chamling broke the record of West Bengal’s former Communist ruler, Jyoti Basu and made history for the longest serving Chief Minister in the country.
Chamling became Chief Minister of Sikkim on December 12, 1994, and has since been ruling this small Himalayan kingdom.
Chamling joined politics in 1973, and was elected in the Sikkim assembly for the first time in 1985.

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