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7 February 2024 Current Affairs In English PDF Download

Q. ISRO successfully tested GSAT 31, what is right about it
A) It was tested by French company Arian Space from French Guyana
B) Its purpose is to provide digital DTH, TV services
C) It is the 40th Communication Satellite of the country
D) All right is right


Q. The Asia LPG Summit 2024 was organized in New Delhi on February 6, according to the report which the country became the second largest LPG consumer
A) China
B) Japan
C) India
D) America


Q. How many artists have been awarded the Music Sahitya  Academy Award for the year 2017 by President Kovind on 6th February
A) 15
B) 18
C) 33
D) 42


* Some important names – Rama Vedanathan, Ramakant Gundeshwara, Hema Sahai, Rajendra Prasannai Sujata Mahapatra, Shobha Kesar etc.

Q. In which state has the Pink Revolution started to resolve protein problem of  farmers
A) Haryana
B) Gujarat
C) Kerala
D) Maharashtra


Q. According to the report released by the Union Agriculture and Agricultural Welfare Ministry, which state has the highest land holdings in the state.
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) Nagaland
C) Haryana
D) Punjab


Q. India has signed an agreement with which country to promote trade and investment in the coal sector
A) Bhutan
B) Sri Lanka
C) Poland
D) Myanmar


Q. Which of the following has been awarded the Veeramani Award for Social Justice, 2024?
A) P.S. Krishnan
B) Mr. BP Singh
C) Mr. Narendra Modi
D) Sachin Pilot


Q. Under which program PM Jay Mobile app is launched
A) PM Aidanar Conservation Campaign
B) PM farmer honored
C) Ayushman Bharat Scheme
D) PM Road Planning


Q. India has signed an agreement with _________for cooperation in water and waste management.
A) China
B) Russia
C) Japan
D) Germany


Q. For violating government norms, on which of the  banks, the RBI imposed a fine of Rs 2 crore and Rs 1 crore respectively
A) UCO Bank
B) Syndicate Bank
C) Both
D) None of these


Today Quiz
Q. Which of the following has been appointed Deputy Chief of Navy of India
A) Yes. Ashok Kumar
B) Sunil Lamba
C) Satish Rathi
D) Ghanshyam Das

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