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1.The oldest woman in the world who recently died at the age of 117 Japan Monk – Nabi Tajima

2• The Indian company that first recorded the $ 100 billion market cap gain – TCS

3• Name of the political party recently created by 50 students of IIT – Bahujan Azad Party (BAP)

4• Recently it was said that if the Tibetan culture received specific recognition and respect from China, then they can live with China – Dalai Lama

5• Name of campaign initiated by Rahul Gandhi to raise the issue of Dalits at the national level – the Constitution Save Campaign

6• In order to improve the situation of rural areas, the Government has recently approved the reconstitution of this campaign – Village Swaraj Abhiyan

7• This Sainik School of India has given permission for girls for the first time – Lucknow

8The country which passed the new immigration bill that tightened the refugee rules of the country’s National Assembly – France

9• Recently, the CEO of this IT company announced a cash prize of $ 38 million (i.e. 2525 crores) – Google

10• The name of Jessica’s sister who forgives model Jessica Lal’s killer Manu Sharma – Sabrina Lal

11• The country in which a government bank launches the first unmanned bank operating a robot – China

12State from where after 27 years, full bloc was lifted – Meghalaya

13• Recently, the population of this species was recorded for the first time in the Mekong River – Dolphin

14• Tata has appointed him as the Chairman of Global Corporate Affairs – S. Jaishankar

15• According to the report released by the World Bank, citizens of this country are the best in sending money to foreign countries – India

16• He has recently been appointed as Prime Minister of Ethiopia – Abie Ahmed

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