You are currently viewing 5 april Current Affairs in English 2023 PDF: Daily Important Current Question

5 april Current Affairs in English 2023 PDF: Daily Important Current Question

5th April Current Affairs 2023 in English PDF Download -Golden Era Education

we will read about the important current affair related to April 5, 2023, in which we have incorporated contemporary data based on our country’s latest technology.

Q. In Asian Development Outlook 2023 Asian Development Bank has reduced India’s growth rate from 7.6 to FY 2023.
A) 7.1%
B) 7.3%
C) 7.2%
D) 7.4%


Q. The Reserve Bank has cut 25 basis points in the repo rate on April 4, after which the current repo rate became __________
A) 6.5%
B) 6.10%
C) 6.00%
D) 6.25


Q. the US has approved the sale of 24 modern MH Romeo Seahawk helicopters to __________at a cost of $ 2.4 billion
A) China
B) Japan
C) India
D) Pakistan


Q. Reliance Nippon Life Management, along with which company, launched the country’s first voice based financial transaction system
A) Microsoft
B) Google
C) Amazon
D) Flipkart


Q. India has entered into an agreement with the ________Bank for the establishment of India-Africa Agricultural and Rural Development Institute in Malawi.
A) World Bank
D) Asian Development Bank


Q. Q. Which country has imposed the Shariah law and has given punishment for stone-killing killing of the culprits of homosexuality
A) Saudi Arabia joint
B) Arab Emirates
C) Brunei
D) Oman


Q. India’s clean BS-6 gasoline, diesel supply started, ________became the first city to adopt BS-6
A) Varanasi
B) Mumbai
C) New Delhi
D) Kolkata


Q. Q. Who has selected for Zayed Medal presented by United Arab Emirates
A) Shri Ramnath Kovind
B) M. Venkaiah Naidu
C) PM Narendra Modi
D) Sushma Swaraj


Q. Which of the following has been selected as managing director (MD) of LIC?
A) Santosh Jha
B) Vipin Anand
C) Manu Sahani
D) Kartik Verma


Q. Which of the following is celebrated as International Mine Awareness Day
A) April 1
B) April 2
C) April 3
D) April 4


Today Quiz

Q. Where was a marine military exercise organized in Kakadu 2023
A) China
B) Japan
C) Australia
D) India


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