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DOWNLOAD Daily Current Affairs 10th March 2023 In English

Q. The Supreme Court has approved the resettlement of Tigers which has gone missing from the country again in the Noradehi Sanctuary, which is located in the ______state.
A) Haryana
B) Gujarat
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Andhra Pradesh


Q. For resolving the Ayodhya Babri Masjid land dispute, the Supreme Court has formed a three-member Mediation Committee under whose chairmanship
A) Justice AK Sikri
B) Justice JS Kehar
C) Justice HL Dattu
D) Justice FM Kalifulla


Q. World Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March, what was the theme of
A) Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change
B) Women in the Changing World of Work
C) Respect Woman Shiva Country
D) None of these


Q. Recently, Meriur Jaggery was got a geographical indication (GI) tag for which place
A) Idukki, Kerala
B) Bathinda, Punjab
C) Dausa, Rajasthan
D) Malawas, Madhya Pradesh


Q. Which of the following has been appointed new Finance Secretary
A) Pragya Sansuni
B) Border Rao
C) Subhash Garg
D) Ajay Narayan Jha


Q. President Mr. Govind has honored 44 women with the Women’s Power Prize. Which of the following is included in it?
A) Ipsita biswas
B) Reshma Neelopher
C) Pragya Prasoon
D) One Stop Center Lucknow
E) All of the appropriate


Q. Recently, the government has increased the limit of tax free gratuity. ?
A) 5 lakhs
B) Rs.10 lacs
C) 15 lakhs
D) 20 lakhs


Q. India has entered into a deal with which country to take the Chakra-3 submarine lease for 10 years
A) China
B) Japan
C) Russia
D) America


Q. According to the recently released Monitoring Pay Index report 2023, the difference between the wages between men and women in India is?
A) 15%
B) 17%
C) 19%
D) 21%


Q. Consider the following statements regarding the list of the world’s richest man released by Forbes Magazine.
A) Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is on the first place in the list
B) Bill Gates, Warren Buffett is ranked second, Third
C) The only Indian in the list is Mukesh Ambani at 13th place
D) All right


Q. The Government of India signed a $ 137 million loan agreement with the ____bank for the rehabilitation and improvement project in 5 states of the country.
B) Asian Development Bank
C) World Bank
D) SBI Bank


Q. The Government of India has signed a loan agreement of 26 million dollars to improve drainage infrastructure in Assam.
A) Punjab National Bank
B) Asian Development Bank
C) World Bank


Today Quiz

Q. Hasmukh Adhia has been elected as the Non Executive President of the _________ Bank. ?
A) Punjab National Bank
C) Bank of Baroda
D) Non Of Above

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