TOP 8 May 2023 Current Affairs Quiz In English – Golden Era

TOP 8 May 2023 Current Affairs Quiz In English

Golden era education is providing daily current affairs questions for its readers. This is a compilation of test questions related to today’s Current Affairs Solar Storm, Human Rights Watch that’s Very Useful for SSC CGL 2023,BIHAR SSC,GROUP D,RAILWAY AND POLICE EXAM.

TOP 8 May 2023 Current Affairs Quiz In English PDF

1. Where has the Supreme Court transferred the hearing of the Kathua Gangrape case recently?
a Delhi
b. Agra
c. Patna
d. Pathankot

Answer : Pathankot

2. Recently, what kind of natural disaster has NASA issued for the whole earth?
a al Nino
b. Solar storm
c. Tsunami
d. Scorching heat

ANSWER:  Solar storm

3. Which mission has been launched by NASA to study the surface of Mars?
a observer
b. Reality
c. Insight
d. Just light

ANSWER: Insight

4. According to a recent report released by the Uttarakhand government, how many villages have been completely vacant due to the migration?
a 233
b. 320
c. 546
d. 734

ANSWER : 734

5. Which state’s former Chief Ministers have been asked to vacate their official accommodation recently by the Supreme Court?
a Uttar Pradesh
b. Haryana
c. Rajasthan
d. Himachal Pradesh

ANSWER : Uttar Pradesh

6. According to a report released by Human Rights Watch, in which country do more than 2000 people are absent in custody?
a India
b. Pakistan
c. Saudi Arab
d. Bangladesh

ANSWER: Saudi Arab

7. Which app has started a new service by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), which provides various types of e-services to its members or stakeholders?
a UMANG app
b. Cleanliness app
c. Bhim app
d. None of these


8. Which of the following is being organized in the South Asian Junior Athletics Championship 2023?
a China
b. Sri Lanka
c. Japan
d. Pakistan

ANSWER :  Sri Lanka

9. The Commission and the company which will develop crop yield forecasting model using AI?
b. Citigroup
c. IBM
d. None of these


10. Which Indian-American woman has recently been appointed an interim civil court judge in the US?
a Preeti Bhardwaj
b. Deepa Ambekar
c. Neha Sachdeva
d. None of these

ANSWER :Deepa Ambekar

TOP 8 May 2023 Current Affairs Quiz In English PDF

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