Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2023 BSEB (All Subjects) Question Papers PDF

Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2023

Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2023: Download Bihar Board 12th Model Paper PDF for all subjects here!!! Students enrolled in Intermediate under Bihar Board have to participate in the examination in Month of March / April 2023. To start preparation of Upcoming XII Board Examination, you must have BSEB Question Papers which are available here.

With the help of Bihar Board 12th Syllabus of Science / Commerce / Arts Stream or BSEB Online Model Papers 2023, you can easily start preparation of exam and acknowledge details regarding the topics from which questions will be asked. We the team members of have provided Subject Wise Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2023, so please have a look.

How To Make A Study Plan For Exam

Bihar Board 12th Model Paper

Download Bihar Board 12th Model Paper

Students can download BSEB (All Subjects) Question Papers PDF by pressing the below mentioned direct link easily and get idea of the topics as well as questions asked in the examination, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead as soon as possible.

Download Designation
Bangla Bangla(10 sets) 2023 Annual
Economics(Art) Economics-Arts(10 sets) 2023 Annual
Maithli – 50 Maithli – 50 Marks (5 sets) 2023 Annual
Maithli-100 Maithli – 100 Marks (5 sets) 2023 Annual
Philosphy Philosophy (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Psychology Psychology (9 sets) 2023 Annual
English English (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Economics(Commerce) Economics(Commerce)(10 sets) 2023 Annual
Biology(Science) Biology-Science (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Alternative English Alternative English (10 sets) 2023 Annual
NRB Hindi NRB-Hindi (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Hindi (100 Marks) Hindi (10 sets) 2023 Annual
History History (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Accountancy (Commerce) Accountancy (Commerce) (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Geography(Arts) Geography(Arts)(10 sets) 2023 Annual
Entrepreneurship Geography(Arts)(10 sets) 2023 Annual
Urdu – 50 Urdu (Inter 50 Marks)(10 sets) 2023 Annual
Urdu – 100 Urdu (Inter 100 Marks)(10 sets) 2023 Annual
Math Math (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Chemistry Chemistry (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Persian Persian (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Physics Physics (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Arabic Arabic (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Political Science Political Science (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Agriculture Agriculture (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Home Science Home Science (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Sociology Sociology (10 sets) 2023 Annual
Physics Objective Physics-Objective (4 sets) 2023 Annual

How To Make A Study Plan For Exam

Way to download BSEB 12th Sample Paper

Appearing candidates in Bihar Board 12th Examination can get their previous papers or marking scheme by following these steps-

  • First of all candidates have to go through official website of Bihar School Examination Board that is
  • After that candidates have to press “Senior Secondary” at the menu bar on the home page.
  • After that candidates need to hit on “Model Papers” under this section.
  • Now a page will be opened in front of you containing various subject links.
  • Candidates have to select the appropriate link of their subject for they want to get model papers.
  • Download it or take a print out of it and do practice with the help of those papers.

Bihar Board Model Question Papers Class XII

5 Tips to Complete Exam on Time

Ques 1: Generally a demand curve of commodity is:

  1. Parallel to x-axis
  2. Parallel to y-axis
  3. Downwards sloping from left to right
  4. Upward sloping from right to left

Answer: 3

Ques2: The law of demand is not applicable when

  1. Price of other commodities changes
  2. Quality of commodities changes
  3. Change in fashion
  4. All of these

Answer: 4

Ques3: Demand for any commodity is affected from

  1. Utility
  2. Productivity
  3. Profitability
  4. None of these

Answer: 4

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Ques4: When price of coffee increase the demand for tea

  • Increases
  • Decreases
  • Unchanged
  • None of these

Answer: 1

Ques5: Due to increase in patrol the demand of car will


  • Decreases
  • Keep constant
  • No effect

Answer: 2

Ques6: In which of the following fertilization needs water medium-

  1. Angiosperms
  2. Bryophytes
  3. Gymnosperms
  4. All

Answer: 2

Ques7: Select the odd one out with respect to haemophilia-

  1. X-linked dominant disorder
  2. Bleeder’s disease
  3. Criss-cross inheritance
  4. X-linked recessive disorder

Answer: 1

Ques8: Which of the following is the high-milk yielding variety of cow?

  1. Dorset
  2. Holstein
  3. Pashmina
  4. Nellore

Answer: 2

Ques9: Binary fission is found in-

  1. Amoeba
  2. Paramecium
  3. Water hyacinth
  4. Amoeba and paramecium both

Answer: 3

Ques10: Life members fees received by club in shown in

  1. Income and expenditure
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Receipts and payment A/c
  4. None of these

Answer: 2

Ques11: Most transaction in non trading concern are-

  1. Cash
  2. Credit
  3. Cash and credit both
  4. Verbal

Answer: 1

Ques12: Legacies should be treated as-

  1. A liability
  2. A revenue receipt
  3. Income
  4. None of these

Answer: 1

Ques13: outstanding subscription is

  1. Income
  2. Assets
  3. Liability
  4. Expenses

Answer: 2

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Ques14: Which of the following is not- for-profit organization?

  1. College
  2. Public Company
  3. Library
  4. Hospital

Answer: 2

Ques15: The interest of partner’s capital A/c is to be credited to

  1. Profit and Loss A/c
  2. Interest A/c
  3. Partner’s capital A/c
  4. None of these

Answer: 3

Ques16: Opening stock is-

  1. Source of fund
  2. Application of fund
  3. No flow of fund
  4. None of these

Answer: 2

Ques17: Responsibility of entrepreneur’s are-

  1. Towards society
  2. Towards government
  3. Towards environment
  4. All of these

Answer: 4

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Ques18: Which of following is a kind of Opportunities?

  1. First opportunities
  2. Last opportunities
  3. Existing opportunities in the environment
  4. None of these

Answer: 3

Ques19: Project is prepared-

  1. By promoters
  2. By managers
  3. By entrepreneur
  4. By all of these

Answer: 4

Ques20: Project is a summary of-

  1. Facts
  2. Information’s
  3. Analysis
  4. All of these

Answer: 4

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