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Q. The Kaiga nuclear plant has set a world record for continuous operation of 895 days in the range of heavy water plants, which state it belongs to. A) Uttar Pradesh B) Andhra Pradesh C) Karnataka D) Kerala ANS-C Q. In which state central cabinet has approved the setting up of Central Tribal University A) … Read more

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Q. Which Indian has made history by winning the Asian Shot Gun Championship 2022 gold medal A) Narendra Panchal B) Angad Veer Singh C) De Gen D) Hriday Khiras ANS-B Q. After 50 years of long research, scientists have officially confirmed the existence of the _________new moon of the Earth. A) 2 B) 3 C) … Read more

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Q. What place is India received in the recently released Ease Doing Business Report? A) 75 B) 76 C) 77 D) 78 ANS-C Q. Recently, the Agni-1 ballistic missile’ night Edition has been successfully tested and its firepower is A) 600 kilometers B) 700 KM C) 800 Km D) 900 kilometers ANS-B Q. A recent … Read more