Calcutta University Syllabus 2021 (Physics/Physiology/Maths) PDF Download

Calcutta University Syllabus

Calcutta University Syllabus 2021:  Preparing for Calcutta University Exam? Start your preparations according to latest Calcutta University Syllabus and improve your marks with a boom… Candidates who are studying in various UG/PG courses they can download Calcutta University syllabus 2021 for all the subjects like Physics/ Physiology/ Maths and others through this page. Candidates can also acquire the CU exam scheme in PDF format by going through this page completely.

University Of Calcutta offers various courses on bachelor’s/ master’ degree levels in different discipline and provide subject wise syllabus for their students on its official web portal. Candidates who are searching for their complete courses scheme here and there now they have no need to look further because on this page they can get all the required stuff. To make your university exam preparation well, you must prepare according to the complete topics given in the Calcutta University Syllabus 2021 which is provided here by the team of

Calcutta University Syllabus

Syllabus for Physics (Honors) subject

Part – I


Paper IUnit-01Mathematical Methods I & Mathematical Methods II
Unit-02Waves and Optics I & Electronics I
Paper IIAUnit-03Classical Mech.I & Thermal Physics I
Paper IIBUnit-04Laboratory
Part – II


Paper IIIUnit-05Electronics II & Electricity and Magnetism
Unit-06Electrostatics & Waves and Optics II
Paper IVAUnit-07Quantum Mech.I & Thermal Physics II
Paper IVBUnit-08Laboratory
Part – III


Paper VUnit-09Classical Mechanics II & Special Theory of Relativity
Unit-10Quantum Mech.II & Atomic Physics
Paper VIUnit-11Nuclear and Particle Physics I & Nuclear and Particle

Physics II

Unit-12Solid State Physics I & Solid State Physics II
Paper VIIAUnit-13Statistical Mechanics & Electromagnetic Theory
Paper VIIBUnit-14Laboratory
Paper VIIIAUnit-15Laboratory
Paper VIIIBUnit-16Computer laboratory
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Syllabus for Physics (General) subject

Part – I


Paper IAClassical Mechanics and Gravitation, Heat and Thermodynamics
Paper IBGeneral Properties of Matter, Waves and Vibrations,

Geometrical Optics

Part – II


Paper IIALaboratory
Paper IIBElectricity and Magnetism
Paper IIIBPhysical Optics, Electronics, Modern Physics
Paper IIIBLaboratoryc
Part – III


Paper IVAApplication of Thermodynamics, Energy Sources, Electronics,


Paper IVBLaboratory, Computer Laboratory
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Calcutta University Physiology (Honors) Syllabus

Honours & General
Paper – I

Unit -01

Cell Biology I Cell Biology II



Digestive System

Unit- 02Biochemistry-I


Vitamins and Minerals

Muscle Physiology

Nerve Physiology

Paper – II A

Unit – 03


Cardiovascular System I

Cardiovascular System II

Body Fluids and Regional Circulation

Respiratory System

Paper – II B


Unit – 04


Haematological Experiments

Permanent slide identification


Qualitative Experiments

Viva – Voce

Laboratory Note Books

Paper – III

Unit -05

Nervous System I

Nervous System II

Nervous System III

Nervous System IV

Molecular neurobiology

Unit – 06Instrumentation

Renal Physiology

Sensory Receptors, Olfaction & Gustation

Audition Vision

Paper – IV A

Unit – 07

Biological Oxidation and Carbohydrate Metabolism

Amino acids and Purine & Pyrimidine Metabolism

Lipid Metabolism and Reactive Oxygen Species


Molecular Biology


Paper – IVB

Unit – 08



Experimental Physiology

Viva – Voce

Laboratory Note Books

Paper –V

Unit – 09

General Endocrinolgy I

General Endocrinolgy II

General Endocrinolgy III

General Endocrinology IV


Unit – 10Reproductive Physiology I

Reproductive Physiology II

Developmental Biology

Nutrition and Dietetics

Social Physiology

Paper VI

Unit- 11

Work Physiology and Ergonomics

Sports Physiology

Skin and Body Temperature Regulation

Human and Environment I

Human and Environment II

Unit – 12Microbiology I

Microbiology II




Paper – VII

Unit – 13


Experimental Physiology

Microbiology & Biochemical Technique

Viva – Voce

Laboratory Note Books

Paper VIII

Unit – 14


Experimental Physiology

Experiments on Work Physiology and Ergonomics

using human subjects


Social Physiology

Diet Survey

Field Study Record

Viva – Voce

Laboratory Note Books

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Syllabus for Physiology (General) subject

Paper I

Unit – 01

Units of human system

Biophysical and Biochemical Principles

Digestive System

Biochemistry and Metabolism

utrition and Dietetics

Unit – 02Blood and Body Fluids



Respiratory system

Renal Physiology

Paper – II

Unit – 03

Muscle Physiology

Nerve Physiolog

Nervous system I

Nervous system I

Sensory Physiology

Unit – 04Skin and Regulation of Body Temperature

Endocrine system I

Endocrine system II

Reproductive Physiology I

Reproductive Physiology II

Paper – III

Unit 05



Experimental Physiology (Including Human Experiments)

Viva voce

Laboratory note books

Paper – IV A

Unit – 06


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Microbiology and Immunology

Social Physiology

Work Physiology

Environmental Physiology


Paper – IVB

Unit – 07



Human Experiments

Field Study Report

Viva voce

Laboratory Note-Books

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Calcutta University Maths (Hons) Syllabus

Paper IIAClassical Algebra
BModern Algebra I
IIAAnalytical Geometry of Two Dimensions
BAnalytical Geometry of Three Dimensions I
CVector Algebra
Paper IIIIIAAnalysis I
BEvaluation of Integrals
IVALinear Algebra
BVector Calculus I
Paper IIIVAModern Algebra II
BLinear Programming and Game Theory
VIAAnalysis II
BDifferential Equations I
Paper IVVIIAReal-Valued Functions of Several Real Variables
BApplication of Calculus
VIIIAAnalytical Geometry of Three Dimensions II
BAnalytical Statics I
CAnalytical Dynamics of A Particle I
Paper VIXAAnalysis III
XALinear Algebra II and Modern Algebra II
BTensor Calculus
CDifferential Equation II


Graph Theory

Paper VIXIAVector calculus II
BAnalytical Statics II
CAnalytical Dynamics of A Particle II
BRigid Dynamics
Paper VIIXIIIAAnalysis IV
BMetric Space
CComplex Analysis
Paper VIIIXVANumerical Analysis
BComputer Programming
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University of Calcutta Maths (General) Syllabus

IAClassical Algebra
BAnalytical Geometry of two dimensions
CVector Algebra
IIADifferential Calculus
BIntegral Calculus
CDifferential Equations
IIIAModern Algebra
BAnalytical Geometry of three dimensions
IVADifferential Calculus
BIntegral Calculus
CDifferential Equations
VANumerical Methods
BLinear Programming
VIA / BAnalytical Dynamics /

Probability & Statistics

VIIComputer Science & Programming
VIIIA / BA Course of Calculus /

Discrete Mathematics

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Syllabus for Chemistry (Hons.) subject

Course names and distribution
Year 1
CHT 11aUnit-IRadioactivity and Atomic Structure
Unit-IIChemical periodicity I
CHT 11bUnit-IChemical Bonding and structure
Unit-IIAcid-Base reactions
CHT 12aUnit IAcyclic stereochemistry
Unit-IIBonding and physical properties
CHT 12bUnit IGeneral treatment of reaction mechanism
Unit-IINucleophilic substitution reactions
CHT 13aUnit IKinetic theory and the gaseous state
Unit-IIThermodynamics – I
CHT 13bUnit IThermodynamics – II
Unit-IIChemical kinetics
CHP 14a+14bQualitative inorganic analysis of mixtures containing not more than 4 radicals
Year 2
CHT 21aUnit IChemical Periodicity II
Unit IIOther Types of Bonding
CHT 21bUnit IChemistry of s- and p-block Elements
Unit IIPrecipitation and Redox Reactions
CHT 22aUnit IAddition reactions
Unit IIElimination and aromatic substitution
CHT 22bUnit INitrogen compounds and Organometallics
Unit IIReactions: Rearrangements
CHT 23aUnit IThermodynamics and Equilibrium
Unit IILiquid State and Viscosity of Fluids
CHT 23bUnit IQuantum Chemistry I
Unit IIElectrochemistry
CHP 24aAnalytical EstimationsIodometry/iodimetry: Vitamin C.

Permanganometry: FeIII and MnII in a mixture.

Dichromatometry: FeIII and CuII in a mixture; FeIII and CrIII in a mixture.

Complexometry (EDTA): CaCO3 and MgCO3 in mixture; MgII and ZnII in mixture.

CHP 24bInstrumental EstimationsSpectrophotometry: MnII; pK

in .

Conductometry: HCl-AcOH mixture; dibasic acid.

Potentiometry: Halide ion.

pH-metry: HCl-AcOH mixture; dibasic acid.

Ion-exchanger: Cation content of a sample by cation exchanger

Year 3
CHT 31aUnit IChemistry of coordination compounds
Unit IIChemistry of d- and f- block elements
CHT 31bUnit IOrganometallic Compounds
Unit IIBioinorganic Chemistry
CHT 31cUnit IElectrochemical and spectral analysis, and analytical separation
Unit IIStatistical methods in chemical analysis and environmental analysis
CHT 31dUnit IGravimetric and tritimetric methods of analysis
Unit IIThermodynamics of dissolution
CHT 32aUnit ICarbanion chemistry and cyclic stereochemistry
Unit IISpectroscopy UV, IR, NMR (elementary)
CHT 32bUnit ISynthetic strategies and Asymmetric synthesis
Unit IICarbohydrate chemistry
CHT 32cUnit ICarbocycles and Heterocycles
Unit IIAmino acids, peptides and nucleic acids
CHT 33aUnit IProperties of solids, interfaces and dielectrics
Unit IIQuantum Chemistry – II
CHT 33bUnit IPhase equilibrium and colligative properties
Unit IIStatistical thermodynamics and the third law
CHT 33cUnit IKinetics and photochemistry
Unit IISpectroscopy
CHP 34aSpectroscopic Analysis of Organic Compounds
CHP 34bExperiment -1Qualitative analysis of single solid organic compounds
Experiment – 2Organic preparations
CHP 35aExperiments
CHP 35bExperiments
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Syllabus for Chemistry (General) subject

Course names and distribution
Year 1
CGT 11aUnit-IGeneral Chemistry
Unit-IIPrinciples of organic qualitative analysis
CGT 11bUnit-IBasic organic chemistry I
Unit-IIBasic organic chemistry II
CGT 12aUnit-IBasic inorganic chemistry I
Unit-IIBasic inorganic chemistry II
CGT 12bUnit-IBasic organic chemistry III
Unit-IIBasic organic chemistry IV
Year 2
CGT 21aUnit-IBasic physical chemistry I
Unit-IIBasic physical chemistry II
CGT 21bUnit-IPrinciples of qualitative inorganic analysis
Unit-IIBasic inorganic chemistry III
CGT 22aUnit-IBasic physical chemistry III
Unit-IIBasic physical chemistry IV
CGT 22bUnit-IBasic physical chemistry V
Unit-IIBasic physical chemistry VI
CGP 23QualitativeAnalysis of Single Organic Compound(s)
CGP 24Qualitative Analysis of

Inorganic Mixtures

Experiments A, B, C
Year 3
CGT 31aUnit-IChemical analysis
Unit-IIError analysis and computer applications
CGT 31bUnit-IIndustrial chemistry I
Unit-IIIndustrial chemistry II
CGT 31cUnit-IEnvironmental chemistry
Unit-IIIndustrial chemistry III
CGP 32Experiments

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