Gujarat University Syllabus 2022 B.Com/BA/B.Sc/MA/LLB (Semester-Wise) PDF

Gujarat University Syllabus

Gujarat University Syllabus 2022: Download the Gujarat University Syllabus for B.Com, BA, B.Sc, MA, LLB and Other Courses Semester-Wise through this page. The Gujarat University 2022 Syllabus identifies all the topics applicants need to study to qualify in the Gujarat University Semester Exam. Applicants can check the given links to download the Gujarat University Syllabus PDF for their respective semester.

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Contenders can also download the Gujarat University Exam Syllabus from official website by taking some necessary steps which are provided below. Hence, Syllabus of Gujarat University is significant and should be studied completely to get maximum marks. Go through the below section of this page of to know about Gujarat University Syllabus.

Gujarat University Syllabus

Gujarat University BA Syllabus for History

For Semester II:

  • Ancient India: History, Archeaology, and Culture (5th Century B.C to 650 A. D.)
  • World History (1815 To 1870 Ad)
  • Ancient India: History, Archaeology, and Culture (5th Century B.C To 650 A. D.)
  • World History (1815 to 1870 Ad)
  • Indian Culture and Heritage

For Semester IV:

  • History of India – 1526 to 1757
  • World History– 1919 to 1990
  • History of India – 1526 to 1757
  • World History– 1919 to 1990
  • History of India – 1757 to 1885

For Semester VI:

  • Social and religious reform movements in modern India
  • The Founders of India Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Historical Essays (Optional)
  • Indian Constitution (Optional)
  • History of USA (1860 to 1945 AD)
  • Elements of Historical Method – 2
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Gujarat University Syllabus For B.Sc (Computer Science)

Programming in C (Theory):

  • Introduction to programming: Algorithms & Flowcharts
  • Basics of C
  • Control Statements
  • Arrays & Strings
  • Functions
  • Pointer
  • Structures and Unions
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Programming in C (Practical):

  • Basic C Programs
  • Programs based on constants, variable and diff data types.
  • Programs based on Operator and Expression
  • Programs based on Decision Making and Branching
  • Use of Do While loop, for loop, while loop, if loop, if else if ladder, switch, go to
  • Programs based on one dimensional and two dimensional array.
  • Programs based on character array and String manipulation functions.
  • Programs based on user-defined functions

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Gujarat University Syllabus For MA


  • Micro economics – nature, scope, importance & limitations; Methodology of economics, Economics – static and dynamic, general and partial equilibrium; Difference between Macro and Micro economics
  • Analytical Techniques of Economic Analysis : Determination of Equilibrium and Optimisation
  • Demand Theory: Cardinal (utility) and Ordinal (Indifference curve) approaches, consumer equilibrium, price
  • Consumer surplus-meaning, Marshall’s concept and Hicks’s four concepts of consumer surplus. Elasticity of demand
  • Walfaer Economics: Pigou’s theory of welfare economics. Conditions of Pareto Optimality. New welfare economics-Kaldor-Hicks welfare criteria; Concept of grand utility possibility frontier

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Macroeconomic Analysis-I:

  • Determinants of income and employment generation: Classical, Keynes and modern approach on consumption and investment functions.
  • Neo-classical and Keynesian Views on Interest; The IS-LM Model; Extension of IS-LM Model with Government Sector; Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies.
  • Supply Side Economics, Samuelson and Solow the Natural Rate of Unemployment Hypothesis. Philips Curve.
  • Economic Stability and Policies: Its effects on Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment.

Managerial Economics – I:

  • Meaning, nature, characteristics and significance of managerial economics. Scope, role and responsibility of managerial economics
  • Fundamental concepts, models and methods; Managerial and behavioral theories of firm.
  • Use of Optimization Techniques in the theory of firm, differential calculus; Rules of derivation, optimization using calculus
  • Purpose of forecasting demand, steps involved in forecasting, determinants of demand forecasting. Methods of demand forecasting for established products and for new products.
  • Pricing Policies, Practices & Strategies: Some popular pricing practices; Pricing in large enterprises; Pricing approach in small business units.

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Gujarat University Syllabus For B.Com

Understanding Communication:

  • Communication: Introduction and Definitions
  • Objectives of Communication: (a) Information (b) Knowledge (c) Advice (d) Counselling (e) Motivation (f) Request (g) Complaint (h) Warning
  • Process of Communication
  • Feedback: Meaning and Types of Feedback
  • Communication through Listening: Difference between Listening &
  • Hearing and Importance of Listening
  • Types of Listening: (a) Casual Listening (b) Passive Listening (c) Selective Listening (d) Active Listening (e) Intensive Listening

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E- Communication:

  • E-communication: Meaning and Importance
  • E-communication: Various Forms
  • E-communication: Advantages and Limitations
  • E- commerce
  • E- banking
  • E- meetings: Advantages and Limitations
  • E- governance

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Communication for Employment:

  • Guidelines for drafting an effective Job Application
  • Techniques for writing an effective Resume/CV
  • Drafting Job Application
  • Drafting Resume/CV
  • Tips for facing Interview

Gujarat University Syllabus PDF

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B. A. B. Com & B. Sc. (General English- Sem 1 & 2) Download PDF
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BA Computer Application sem- 5-6 Download PDF
Gujarat University BBA Syllabus Download PDF
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