happy new year
happy new year

Heart Touching Happy New Year Wishes 2024: WhatsApp Status, images, SMS For Friends, Family & Love One

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Heart Touching Happy New Year Wishes 2024: Here are some of the best हैप्पी न्यू ईयर विसेज इन हिंदी wishes, images, SMS, Facebook greetings and WhatsApp messages for you to share with your Friends, Family & Love One and acquaintances.

Last Update Date: 1 JANUARY 2024: Download all new year WhatsApp Status, images, SMS For Friends, Family & Love One .

Happy New Year Wishes 2024 : Hindi Sms, Shayari, Jokes

Happy New Year 2024: Each year-end marks a new beginning. The eventful 2024 is past, and it’s time now to ring in 2024. Let’s hope and pray the New Year bring good luck to all, and hold promises of a brighter tomorrow. Let there be peace, love and harmony all across the world.

Happy New Year 2024 WhatsApp Msg/Status and Quotes

* The New Year is here! Look ahead, and embark on the road to success. May you have a great journey to your destination! Happy 2024

* It’s a new year
It’s a new chapter
Start your new story
Happy 2024!

* A new year has come. And I wish you, like always, courage and hope to overcome all your sorrows and hurdles. May you have a great 2024!

* 2024 is here, and I wish you…
A Jovial January
A Fabulous February
A Magnificent March
An Awesome April
A Magical May
A Joyous June
A Jolly July
An Adventurous August
A Sensational September
An Outstanding October
A Naughty November
And a Dazzling December

* This New Year, I wish each day of your life to be filled with success, happiness and prosperity. Happy 2024

* Wear your best smile, the party has just begun! Happy New Year

* Here is wishing you 12 months of love, 52 weeks of success, 365 days of laughter, 8760 hours of luck, 525600 minutes of happiness and 31536000 seconds of bliss! Have a fulfilling 2024!

Happy New Year 2024 Images For Friends in English

I wish smiles and happiness all the way for my loving family…. May you all have a superb and memorable New Year 2024

happy new year
happy new year

New Year 2024 Images For Family in English

Wishing the most supportive, caring and affectionate family a very Happy New Year 2024… May together we make it the best one.

New Year 2024 Images For GF in English

A very Happy New Year 2024….. Let us welcome this new morning with a smiling face and a happy heart for a great year ahead.

New Year 2024 Images For Love Ones in English

Let this fresh year be full of high spirits and positivity for all of us….. Best wishes on Chinese New Year to my dearest family.

Happy New Year’s 2024 SMS

Here are more Happy New Year greetings you can send to your loved ones this year!

Welcome New Year…
We look forward to you
A year of wonderful happiness
A year of good health
A year of great success
A year of incredibly good luck
A year of continuous fun
A year of world peace
Happy New Year!

हैप्पी न्यू ईयर विसेज 2024: WhatsApp Status In Hindi

हर साल आता है, हर साल जाता है,
इस नये साल में आपको वो सब मिले,
जो आपका दिल चाहता है,
नये साल की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये…

new year sms in hindi
new year sms in hindi
आये नया साल बन के उजाला
खुले आपकी किस्मत का ताला
हमेशा रहे मेहरबान ऊपर वाला
यही दुआ करते है ये आपका चाहने वाला।

अब तो शाम-ओ-सहर मुझे रहता है बस खयाल तेरा, जान से ज्यादा जरूरी है एहसास तेरा, और क्या मांगे खुदा से हम, बस हर साल के लिए मिल जाए साथ तेरा! Happy New Year Dear


सुनहरे सपनों की झंकार लाया है नववर्ष, खुशियों के अनमोल उपहार लाया है नववर्ष, आपकी राहों में फूलों को बिखराकर लाया है नववर्ष, महकी हुई बहारों की खुशबू लाया है नववर्ष! Happy New Year

तेरे प्यार ने जिंदगी से पहचान कराई है, मुझे वो तूफानों से फिर लौटा के लायी है, बस इतनी ही दुआ करते हैं इस नए साल में की, बुझे ना यह शमा कभी जो हमने जलाई है Happy New Year My Love


इस रिश्ते को यूं ही बनाए रखना, दिल में यादों के चिरागों को जलाए रखना, बहुत प्यारा सफर रहा 2024 का, बस ऐसा ही साथ 2024 में भी बनाए रखना!! Happy New Year My Love


Happy New Year Wishes 2024 for Friends

Any celebration seems uninteresting when your friends are not there to celebrate it with you. I hope you guys will join me in this new year’s bash. Happy new year in advance!

The very basis of life is change, but not in the case of friendship. The true friendship always remains undeterred till the end. Love you my friends and happy new year!

Seasons will come and go, years will pass, millions will born and die, however, my friendship for all of you will always be firm and fresh. Happy new year to my loveliest friends!

Friendship is not just about hanging out with each other all the time, it’s about keeping memories of good times in heart even when you are far away. I miss you guys badly and happy new year!

Hey friends, I love you guys for who you are from inside not what you have become. No matter how much time changes, our friendship will remain intact. Before everything else, a very vivacious happy new year to all my friends!

Hey buddies, on the occasion of happy new year 2024, I wish you all lifetime of happiness, success, and peace. Happy new year!

Happy New Year 2024 Messages for GF/Girlfriend

I am the luckiest man on earth to have you as my girlfriend. Wishing you the happiest new year my love!


Every day with you seems like a dream, a dream that I never want to wake up from! Love you and happy new year.


Happy new year sweetheart. May God strengthen our relationship even more and keep us united for eternity.


Happy new year my love! The years may come and go, but our love will stay just the same as it was before.


I promise to be with you every single day in the coming year. I love you so much. Happy new year 2024!


Thank you for making every single year special for me. Wishing you a new year filled with surprises!


Distance can never separate two souls deeply in love with each other. Happy new year love!


Happy new year my love. Wishing you all the best things in life.

New Year’s Quotes and Sayings

Cheers to the New Year! May 2024 be an extraordinary one.

Happy New Year! May the coming year be full of grand adventures and opportunities.

Life is short – dream big and make the most of 2024!

Happy new year! 2024 is the beginning of a new chapter. This is your year. Make it happen.

Life is an adventure that’s full of beautiful destinations. Wishing you many wonderful memories made in 2024.

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous 2024!

It is time to forget the past and celebrate a new start. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope all your endeavors in 2024 are successful.

 Top 50 Happy New Year 2024 Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Happy New Year! Let’s toast to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s bright future.

Happy New Year! I hope all your dreams come true in 2024 – onwards and upwards!

Give wings to your dreams and let them come true in 2024.

Happy New Year! Best wishes for peace and prosperity in 2024.

Wishing you a fresh start with renewed energy and confidence throughout the New Year.

Happy New Year! May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.

Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year ahead.

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