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5 Things Restricted During Written Exam | Things Prohibited In Exam

5 Things Restricted During Written Exam

5 Things Restricted During Written Exam: Every year thousand of students take written exam, but still there is lack of knowledge among the students regarding the things restricted during written exam. Students could face various problems if they take the prohibited items to the examination hall.


Students try to score good in exams by unfair means such as calculators, mobile phones, digital watches, etc but they should realize that these things are not allowed during exam. Here, we are providing you the list of things that are prohibited in exam.

5 Things Restricted During Written Exam

#1. Scientific Calculators:

The use of certified, quite non-programmable calculators is allowed in exams only if the examination authority allows it. Various calculators may include simple memory functions for use in way of calculation. The use of any other electronic calculator able of carrying out recovery of stored arithmetic or textual details is strictly prohibited. This limitation does not apply to “Open Book” assessment, but concerns to use of calculators only.

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#2. Dictionaries:

The use of dictionaries in written exam is not permitted except it is specified on exam paper. Individuals are accepted to use foreign language English dictionaries acquired, they have written permission from their Institute. Please remember that use of Electronic Dictionaries in Exam halls is not allowed. It is your duty to check that there are no notes/manual additions in dictionary. If any found, strict action will be taken against them. No student is allowed to use a dictionary in any exam.

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#3. Cheating Notes:

Cheating in examination is considered as a very serious education offence, which can directly lead to the removal of the student from school/college/University. Nowadays, a large number of students are found cheating in examination by using cheating notes which is strictly prohibited during the exam.

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#4. Mobile Phones:

University has also determined that individuals will not be allowed to bring mobile phones into examination halls. All mobile phone should be switched off and putted away during the exam. So, when you have an exam you must leave your phone at home, or at some other location away from examination hall.

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#5. Bluetooth Device:

Nowadays, students are very smart when it comes to cheating. They find different ways to do that, one of them is using Bluetooth device during the exam. They are found solving their examination paper using Bluetooth device connected with their mobile phones. Students should not take this unauthorized things to the examination hall as it is strictly prohibited in the exam.

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Other Things Prohibited In Exams:

Apart from the above 5 things restricted during the exam, there are several other unfair means in examination, which are as follows:

  • Electronic Watches
  • I-pods and other electronic devices
  • Bags/backpacks
  • Laptop bags
  • Sleeves
  • Purses
  • Food, expect if permitted in certain medical conditions
  • Drinks, expect water in a clear bottle with no labels
  • No caps, hats or hoods
  • Books, diaries, notes or any printed material
  • Pencil cases, unless transparent
  • No glasses cases

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Cheating in examination hall is a punishable offence, students should avoid doing these illegal activities. Institution/University may take strict action against those students who will be found doing this. So, students are strictly advised to follow the instructions of the particular exam.

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