Silverzone iOM Syllabus and Sample Question Paper for Class 10

Last updated on April 7th, 2021 at 06:23 am

  • Number System & Sequence and Series – Decimal Expansion of Rational numbers, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, Harmonic Progression
  • Algebra & Co-ordinate Geometry – Polynomials, Pair of Linear equations in two variables, Quadratic equation, Coordinate geometry
  • Geometry – Similar figures, Similarity of Triangles, Areas Of Similar triangles, Circles, Tangent to a circle
  • Trigonometry – Trigonometry, Height and Distance
  • Statistics and Probability – Mean, Mode and Median of grouped Data, Mean deviation about mean, Mean deviation about Median, Standard Deviation and Variance, Probability of Events
  • Mensuration – Surface Area and Volume
  • Reasoning and Aptitude – Reasoning and Aptitude
  • Scholar’s Zone – Scholar’s Zone