How To Improve your IQ Level | 8 Ways To Increase Intelligence Quotient Tricks

How to Improve your IQ ?

How to improve your IQ : Most of the people failed to crack competitive exams just because of their low Intelligence Quotient. But do you know that IQ level can be increased!!! By going through this page, you will come to know about “How to Improve your IQ”?


There are lots of tricks which will raise your knowledge and Intelligence Quotient level and among them the best 7 ways to Increase IQ Level are structured at below section. By implementing them, your mental power and lifestyle will be improved.

Tricks to Improve your IQ:

We the team of www.goldeneraeducation.comis going to provide you some best tips/ tricks at lower section and by going through them, you will come to know about “How to improve your IQ”?

  • Play Logical/ Strategically / Puzzle Games
  • Seek new Experiences
  • Use Acronyms
  • Write or Read whenever Possible
  • Eat Healthy
  • Pull on yourself towards Exercise
  • Replace Machines with Mind

How to Improve your IQ

7 best tricks to improve your IQ are listed below, check it out and try to make these things your habit and you will surely get the best results.

7 Ways to Increase Intelligence Quotient

  1. Play Logical/ Strategically / Puzzle Games:

Play some logical and puzzle games regularly, this will boost your working memory and your IQ will be increased. Playing some online games will surely improve your IQ and you will learn lot of new things related to technology.

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  1. Do Regular Exercise:

Exercise, swimming, cardio, meditation or running increase you thinking level and makes you more active. This is the best way to improve your IQ and this will make you healthy and fit. Do some regular exercises for around 45 minutes and eat fresh and healthy.

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  1. Read Some Books/ Magazines:

This technique is considered as the best way to improve Intelligence Quotient. You can read general knowledge books, newspapers, and popular magazines and also you can opt for news channels. Try to stay updated towards current affairs and what’s going on in entire world.

  1. Take Care of your Diet:

“As per the study it is observed that if you are vegetarian then you will, for sure would have more IQ”, the lifestyle of the vegetarians ‘is related with strong mental level associated with logical functioning. This would help you to increase you to improve your intelligence quotient level.

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  1. Seek new Experiences:
  • Developing your brain is necessary for a healthy mind. For this one should go for learning new skills, playing chess or can play brain boosting games. It is seen that continuous learning also help-s in this process like as you can learn a new language.
  • Else the another thing you could do in this is Taking a long trip to somewhere entirely alien to you etc are some of the examples of seeking new experiences that refresh the brain to process everything new.

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  1. Practice Tests:

You can attend online mock tests or participate in quiz games. You can do this for once/ twice in a week. By doing so, you will improve your language, general knowledge, confidence level and intelligence quotient level too.

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  1. Replace Machines with Mind:

Instead of using calculators, try to use your mind in solving equations. Remember one thing; our mind is more powerful than any machine/ gadget. Solve mathematics calculations with the help of your mind and this will sharpen your memory power too.

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These are some best ways to improve your IQ, if you will find the above information then you can bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl.+D. Stay tuned with us or follows us on social media for further details on “How to Improve your IQ”.