Silverzone iOM Syllabus and Sample Question Paper for Class 11

Last updated on April 7th, 2021 at 06:51 am

  • Sets & Functions – Sets, Relations and Functions, Trigonometric functions
  • Algebra – Mathematical Induction, Complex number, Sequence and series, Permutation and combination, Binomial theorem, logarithm, Inequality
  • Co-ordinate Geometry & Vectors – Straight lines, Conic Sections, Introduction to 3D geometry and Introduction to Vectors
  • Calculus – Limits and derivatives
  • Mathematical Reasoning – Statements, logical Connectives, Negation, Implications, Validation, Truth table, Tautology and Contradiction, Duality, Algebra of Statements
  • Statistics & Probability – Measures of Dispersion, Range, Mean Deviation, Variance and Standard Deviation, Analysis of frequency Distribution, Axiomatic Approach to probability
  • Reasoning and Aptitude – Reasoning and Aptitude
  • Scholar’s Zone – Scholar’s Zone

Sample Question Paper for Class 11