How To Make A Study Plan For Exam – 9 Ways To Make Best Study Schedule

How To Make A Study Plan For Exam

It is important to know How to Make a Study Plan For Exams, if you want to score good marks. A good study plan will help you to cover all the subjects. All you have to do is to prioritize your subjects and courses you need to study in a certain period of time and to spare some time for other responsibilities such as family, friends and entertainment.


Scheduling can make your exam preparation less stressful as you already know what you have to study during your exams and how much time you have to give to all the subjects. Your little efforts and hard work can help you attain great success by making a best study schedule. Here we are presenting the 9 ways to make best study schedule.

How To Make A Study Plan For Exam

Tips to Make a Perfect Study Plan

Print out a Template:

You should try to make a new study schedule every week. This can easily be done rather by downloading the upper study plan or you can also make it yourself using MS Word and then take a hard copy of it.

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Prioritize your work

Write all the things you have to do in a week. This will be really helpful for you as you will already know what you have to do at what time and on which day. You can give proper time to study as well as to the other activities.

Write down particular topics, if possible

It will always be beneficial if you are writing particular tasks in your study plan. For example, write down chapters name rather than writing only subject.

Don’t take stress, if not followed

Sometimes the study schedule is not followed because of the other work given by the teacher in school or if you have to go somewhere. Don’t take stress in that situation, try to adjust your disturbed study time in the free slots.

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Practice Past Exam papers

It is a very good way of not loosing focus from study. You should practice past exam papers after completing your session study. In fact 95% of students who used it last year said that it helped in improving their grades

                  9 Ways To Make Best Study Schedule

Analyzing your study needs

Study needs are very essential for crafting a study schedule. You need to decide what you are actually using for scheduling. These study needs includes having a calendar for keeping track of your schedule , making sure that you are having all the exam dates in front of you, knowing about your school break schedule, calculating the total time you have for the preparation of your exams.

Know your learning style

Learning style is a very important factor considered while preparing study schedule. If you don’t know how you learn best, it is impossible to learn efficiently at all. Learning styles are of 5 types which are visual learning, aural learning, physical learning, verbal learning and logical learning. So, it is important know which type of learner are you and then continue learning with your learning style.

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Decide the time when you will study

You should always schedule your study time when you know you will be more alert. Some people prefer studying in night while some are more sharp in the morning. If you don’t know at what time you are more alert, experiment that, study one day in the morning then in the evening and the next day at night. You will get to know when you are the sharpest and this will help you to retain the information for a long time.

Schedule everything

To know the actual time available with you, you have to schedule everything i.e. your study time, non-studying time. So that you could find out the free slots of your whole day. This will help you recognize everything you have to do in your whole day.


Be Realistic

You should be realistic while making your exam schedule. Being realistic here means that there should be study sessions. For example, you should not schedule that you will study 8 hours a day as it will not help you in any way. Study sessions should be of less time so that you will get breaks in between to relax your mind and body and then start studying with previous energy again.

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Focus should be clear

You should focus on one subject in one study session as it will help you to retain more and more as splitting your time in more than one subject in one study session will not make you go deep in the particular subject and retain anything. But, some changes are good while studying. For example, studying one subject and then switching to something totally different in next session will always make your study interesting.


Make time for quick review

You should make sure that you have to make time for a quick review of what you have studied the previous day. 10-15 minutes are enough for making this review as it will help you to keep things fresh in your mind which you have already studied. It will make a connection between what you have studied and what you have to study. It should be a compulsory part of a schedule, no matter if you are confident about the topic you have studied the previous day.

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Breaks in between

For an effective study to be done, there should be build in breaks. Researchers suggest that there should be a break of 10-15 minutes every hour. However, you can schedule larger breaks too for doing exercise, meeting with friends or for watching T.V. This will help you giving relax to your body and brain and you will be more productive. You can also aim to eat healthy snacks while your break which is also in maintaining your energy level and focus.


You should try to study at the same time and most probably at the same place every day. This will help in making your study automatic and you will not have to make your mind for studying. You should change your study place if the previous one doesn’t suits you. However, one drawback of this can be there if your study area in unavailable. For example, you study in school library, but the school is closed, then you have to find another place to study.

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We hope these tips will help you out while making your own study schedule. Try to follow all the steps to make your schedule a best schedule for you to attain success in your exams.

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